Park-ive#58; 2MSQ 47
Park-ive#58; 2MSQ 67

Alexander Nicholson

Park-ive: A Visual Dialog of Urban Green Space

WHAT IS PARK-IVE? It is an art-science public engagement project where urban green space meets community through the practice of archiving and connecting people to their local green havens. Park-ive volume one was a year-long project engaging with communities, green spaces, parks, galleries and institutions in an effort to explore ideas. Volume two will push Park-ive out into urban green spaces on the Wirral, Merseyside with the launch of Box-ive and Digi-ive.

In these testing times it is so important to cherish our urban green space, to look after them and contribute to their survival. This can be as simple as using your local park more than you do, taking part in local (safe) volunteering and most of all being part of the community who care, learn and embrace these fantastic spaces. These habitats contain a huge amount of life from plants, trees and flowers to small mammals depending on where you live. They help reduce carbon emissions, they cool our inner city neighbourhoods by reducing the Island affect (heating of our urban centres due to concrete and buildings) and contributes to better mental health.

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