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Ami Zanders

Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity

My artwork is a psychedelic, dystopian shipwreck I imbue with a sense of melancholy. I invent uncanny, layered worlds that revolve around remembering, isolation, and darkness masquerading in themes of comfort and nostalgia. In my latest video, Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity, there are two separate videos that play at once. The left-side is fast moving and manic whereas the right-side is slow moving – showing a character working on the same activity for the duration of the video. The videos are presenting what I feel are the dualities of life under lockdown. Essentially, I act as a medium filtering current events; news stories that occurred between the months of March-August of this year in particular.

Layers of images were smashed together. In doing this, I have disposed of both figure and ground. The overall frame was discarded in an effort to create what is known as the post-cinematic affect. With the use of After Effects and Premier Pro, I created multi-layered videos that act almost like cognitive-affective maps. These maps work in tandem with one another and in such a way that they connect either a set of belief systems or a set of concepts which depict emotions attached to each concept.

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