Tree Blessings installation
Big Wax, parafin wax on a metal backing plate
Cherry Blossoms, acrylic paint on canvas

Elizabeth Smith

I am primarily an encaustic artist who focusses on the natural environment to inspire subject matter which then taps into emotional states. The environmental scenes are abstracted to convey and examine thought processes and emotions as well as time and transition and sensory perception. In lockdown my focus has changed to working on small acrylic pirces as this is what was available. These also follow similar themes. The most recent piece tree blessings was created in response to the lockdown and restrictions associated to explore community and remembering in the climate of isolation and absence.

Tree Blessings - This piece is an installation which explores absence - linking into the traditional practise of tying ribbon around trees to remember those far away or dead. This was inspired by the isolation and distance which was part of lockdown life. The installation currently is a place for people to gather and meet in a contrast to the distancing and absence.

Big Wax - This is a piece made of parafin wax on a metal backing plate - 3ft square. it is part of a piece that developed by examining texture and how forms and colours merge. The key word for the series this is part of would be transformation.

Cherry Blossoms - Acrylic paint experimental piece focussing on impressions of spring blossom. Its is 7in by 5in and is acrylic paint on canvas.

#fine art