Galaxy axions in ‘The Dark Matter Forest’
3D scan of ‘The Dark Matter Forest’
‘The Dark Matter Forest’ installation
‘Still from ‘The Dark Matter Forest’ film

Emily Ryan

The Dark Matter Forest

Some may say that stories are the best way to learn.

The Dark Matter Forest shares the story of dark matter within our universe through a mixture of mediums and metaphors. It is an amalgamation of what is currently understood about dark matter; its nature and the many unanswered theories that surround it. The forest itself is an installation which is represented through a short film only revealing glimpses of it. This reinforces the fact that dark matter still evades detection and is only ‘seen’ through its influence with gravity. The film aims to tell us more about dark matter through its accompanying soundscape, which is expressed through music, poetry, narration and sonification; highlighting the crucial role sounds plays in visualising the unseen.

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