OFF_CENTRE contibution
OFF_CENTRE contibution
OFF_CENTRE contibution

Evelina Tracuma

During the first lockdown, I became interested in the performativity of lockdown routines - performativity of our everyday actions. Particularly attempting to unravel and understand the relationship between:

Conscious Performance vs Unconscious Reality

With my interests deeply rooted in the blurring of art and life, lockdown and the performativity of human behaviour has provided me with material that I can begin to think through and start to develop a project that responds to our current situation. Finding ways in which we can begin to be connected through common action.

With these continuous thoughts on the topic of performativity, I was invited by Katy Morrison (co-curator of PINK, Manchester) to contribute to PINK’s first journal OFF_CENTRE,​ whose interest and subject for the journal has matched my own.


To read the full journal: ​

Created​ ​by Katy Morrison

Designed​ ​by Nick Booton

Full list of contributors:
Jordan Hayward, Jas Lucas, Joshua Leon, Rafal Zajko, Rosana Antoli, Lorenzo Sandoval, Kara Chin, Amba Sayal Bennett, Mel Galley, James Schofield, Matthew De Kersaint Giraudeau, Andrea Kerstens, Maisie Pritchard, Harriet Morley, Ella Mottram, John Carney, Emily Tilzey, Publib, Evelina Tracuma, Bryony Dawson.

#exhibition studies