Fine art students work overview

Fine Art

The violinists playing as the Titanic went down is what it feels like to be making art right now.

Cycle out to the edge of the forest.

Encaustic, showy drip splats, un / restrained inflatables amplified.

Capacities and abilities to experiment affective qualities together with unapologetic growth distortions showing how to proceed.

Being layered, transitional reverse psychedelic represent magical memories in domestic spaces curating organic three dimensional multiple movements.

The mundane everyday makes me want to slip into something sexy, and roll around on the floor.

The battered and burst chrysalis created consistency, by containing its curious cycle and through deflating dependency.

Flayed visceral chrysalis layered synthetic nonbeing Unrestrained metaphor Distorting unapologetic haptic natural experience.

Run me down and tie me up, I’ll hold myself together for you!