Board game mid-gameplay
Example of game cards and fact-checking reference book
In-game elements; cards, reference book, answer card and stamps

Inara Tsenina

The Choice is Yours: A Vaccination Game

It is a dangerously popular misunderstanding that vaccination is an unnecessary procedure that results in more harm than benefit, if any at all. Historically, this belief is as old as the practice of inoculation itself but modern means of publicity have turned this practice of misunderstanding into a real threat to public health, which is recognised by global authorities. As social media allows any voice an opportunity to be heard and go “viral”, the vaccine hesitancy spreads. Together with some political, religious, social and psychological factors, the anti-vaccination propaganda proves very effective, resulting in the lowering percentage of vaccinated people that we are seeing today.

Interactive engagement is a proven effective public health tool, and gamification of topics can motivate people to make choices, provide immersive ways to learn and test their existing knowledge. “The Choice is Yours” is an educational table-top board game designed in an attempt to address vaccination communication gaps by encouraging fact-checking and challenging vaccination hesitancy.

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