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See Me Find Me image

Layla Wortley

See Me Find Me

As artists and creatives, we believe that both our selves and our work can be remade and reborn. Through our thought processes, practices, and philosophies, we attempt to capture that change and preserve it within our art. It is almost impossible to remain in the present when exposed to art, as we are either the spectators of art that has already been conceived, or we are the creator living between the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ of the creation. With that, I decided to explore the aesthetic idealisation of Primitivism, bridging the world of photography and performance art while channelling the phenomenal and the semiotic.

The semiotic body is an act of becoming, a metaphysical transformation of the body, whereas the phenomenal body connects with the ‘primitive experience’, as it explores the sense of being, creating a second body, if you will, that emanates the a part of being that is invisible to the naked eye, the soul. In an attempt to challenge the impossible, I utilised photography to capture this moment, to preserve this ephemeral split in time where the body is more than what we see, essentially, capturing the soul.

Originally, my practice was primarily concerned with the history, progression, and the future of performance art, but to explore the future of a subject you must understand the potential it has right now. In order to reflect on this concept, I had to immerse myself completely in the act, it was impossible to reach a conclusion without participation. I intend to apply that to all my future projects, why would anybody want to be on the side-lines, when you can become the project yourself?

#exhibition studies