Wasteful Drinks – the  Whale Watcher

Michael Edwards

Wasteful Drinks & Unwanted Hospitality

With the ever-growing issue of climate change, and its effect on the environment becoming more prominent in the general zeitgeist, many industries such as the hospitality industry are being forced to consider their environmental impact and adapt using forward-thinking and pioneering methods. Inherently, changes in customer and provider behaviours are required with both being more aware of what they produce and consume.

My research interests lie in the recycling of ‘waste’ from high-end cocktail bars through participatory and do-it-yourself experiences. This ‘waste’ is still edible/drinkable and ok to consume or mould into other products. It is not rotting sludge for example, and it is simply unwanted by the bars and restaurants because of their appearance.

‘Wasteful Drinks’ and ’Unwanted Hospitality’ are an exploration into economic botany, its history, and how it has influenced the future of sustainable, environmentally aware bartending and drinks-making in the hospitality industry. The aim of these projects are to provide a unique insight to innovations pioneered by the drinks hospitality industry, locally and globally, through art-science collaborations and experiments with food and drink ‘waste’. Are the most unlikely ingredients, often deemed as ‘waste’ materials, the best? Can the practice of recycling unwanted ‘waste’ be shared with communities through socially engaged art interventions, even where there the users are restricted by location, lack of resources, training, or funding?


#art in science