First screenshot of text-based game
Second screenshot of text-based game
Third screenshot of text-based game
Fourth screenshot of text-based game

Natasha Niethamer

Bacteria the Future! A time-travelling Twine game to save Hugh-manity

This text-based game is inspired by my favourite sci-fi shows, Red Dwarf and Rick and Morty, and the pond water microbes I look at under my microscope, as well as writings by Lovecraft.

This is an ongoing science communication research project exploring alternative ways to communicate the public health threat of antimicrobial resistance with the goal to improve microbial literacy. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) results in drug-resistant infections, and in 30 years, drug-resistant infections no longer treatable by antibiotics may cost 100 trillion US dollars and result in 10 million deaths annually. The World Health Organization states that improving public awareness of this issue is essential to slowing AMR rates.

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